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2017 Dedications

Cameron Eden
We love you Cam and are so proud.
Keep up the hard work on and off the field!
Go Get Em!
Mom, Dad, Carissa & Cade

Jerry Zeman
Jerry, you & your Band of Brothers
must practice & play hard, know & respect
your opponent, & love the game- it will
prepare you for life.
Go Team!
Love Gram Joan & Pap Ron

Jovanni Page
Junior year! We’re so proud of
you. You’re going to have a great
season. Love watching you play.
Never give up on your dream!
Mom, Dad, Josh, & Jeremy

David Atencio #7
Your senior year is here!
Can’t wait to watch you tear it up
with your boys on that field!!
Keep striving for your dreams…
Philippians 4:13
We love you XOXOXO
Mom, Dad, Alyssa, Gasper & Lauryn

James Doody
We are all so proud of you.
James, for all your achievements and
for those yet to come, congratulations.
From Mom, Dad, and Noah.
We love you,
and are so proud of you.

Shelby Burris
We are so proud of you! Keep reaching for the
stars & working hard!
We love our girl kicker!
Dad, Mom, Wyatt & Cheyne

Sage Williamson
We are so proud of your hard work,
perseverence, and dedication!
We can’t wait to see you on the field
for you Senior Season!
Go Chargers!
Love, Mom, Dad, & Schuyler

Jacob Olaerts
Brains, good looks, and qualities of great
character. I am blessed beyond measure
to have you as my son.
I love you Jacob Sky.

McCade Barrett
It’s been a great adventure.
We love your passion, enthusiasm and camaraderie.
The more you dream, the farther you will go…
We Love you,
Mom & Dad

James Doody
Wishing you all the success you hope for
Grace Conklin

Luke Hoggard
We are all poud of you , your hard work
and your tireless efforts. Your
off the field. We love to watch you play!!!
Live in the moment, embrace the challenge and enjoy the ride.
Love, Dad, Mom and Sydney

Ryan Russell Easterday
You are now a Charger; a goal you seat when
5 years old starting Pop Warner.
Have fun, keep learning,
We Love you,
G.Ma & G.Pa Mik

Jerry Zeman
Wear your full armor with pride!
(Ephesians 6:10-18)
We love you always – Mom
Strive for Excellence! – Daddio
Go Jerry! – Claire, Dom, Haylee & TC

Mateo Gallego
Mateo, we are so proud of your commitment,
dedication, and hard work.
Play hard, have fun, and have an amazing
Senior year. Go #3
Zoee, Lola & Angelo

Christian Hazen
Your hard work and dedication is inpiring.
Can’t wait to see what you do.
Never stop. Go Chargers!
We love you!
Mom and Bruce

Chad Pavlik #21
We are so proud of you in your athletics
and academics and the man that you’ve become.
Good Luck and enjoy your football season.
Keep Smiling,
We Love You!
Mother, Father & Emily

Nick, #31 and Jack, #29
We are excited to watch you play
and see you on the sidelines together.
Enjoy it and play with pride.
We love you,
Mom and Dad


Griffin O’Connor
Your hard work, dedication, and leadership are inspiring to all around you.
Follow your dreams and don’t let anything or anyone else stop you.
Have fun and enjoy the ride.
We Love you, Mom & Dad!

Mike Saffell
We could not be more proud of you and your team.
Make some memories this season.
We love you very much.
Mom, Dad, Keegan and Shelby

Shaun Colamonico
We are very proud of the young man your are:
Hard work, dedication, and commitment to always be the best!!
Go #25
Love, Mom & Dad

Dylan Alcantara
Hard to believe it’s your LAST season of football after playing for 12 years!
Enjoy your last season son,
Charger Pride!
Love You, Mom & Dad

Cameron Eden
Cameron Eden #27 RB/LB
Go Cam! Your dedication and hard work has paid off!
A Charger for Life!
Play whistle-to-whistle like it’s your last play ever!
Mom & Dad are very proud of you.
Dad, Mom, Carissa and Cade Eden

EJ Ginnis
We are so proud of you! You have put in the work and it shows. Continue to work hard and you will reap the rewards.
God has big plans for you.
Phil 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”
Dad, Mom, Be, Cassy & Jordan

David Atencio
You make us proud every day with your commitment, passion and perseverance over things that could get you down!
Keep striving for your dreams!!
Philippians 4:13

We love you,
Mom, Dad, Alyssa, Gasper & Lauryn

Chad Fisser

You are such an awesome athlete and you have become a wonderful young adult.
We are so proud of you!
Love, Mom & Dad

Jack Morrell
We are so proud of you and hope that you have an outstanding Junior Season.
Play with heart, passion and a good kick!
Have Fun. XOXO
Mom & Dad

Kyle Kaatmann
Anything you want in life is achievable if you believe it to be so!!
Kyle we are beyond proud of you.
Love Mom and Family

Kyle Kaatman
I am so proud of the youn man you are becoming.
Be the best you can be in the classroom and on the football field.
With Love, Grandma Robin

Luke Hoggard
We are very proud of you and your hard work!
We love to watch you play.
Dad, Mom & Sydney

Aiden Vierthaler
Thank you for being such a hard working student and athlete.
We appreciate all you do for us and others.
You are a joy!
Your Family

Tristan McGuff

Good luck in your 2016 Charger Football Season!
Have fun and prayers for your safety.
Go Chargers!
Dad, Mom, Tamara ans Ashlynn

Garrett Weichman
We are so proud of your work these last 4 years.
Always remember what your Grandpa told you…”Desire, Determination, Destination”.
Love, Mom and Dad

Sean Gilliam
We are so excited to watch you play this season.
You have worked so hard to get here.
We are so proud of you.
Mom, Dad, and Jacob

Matt Martin
There was never a doubt in my mind that you would be an awesome football player and athlete.
Your biggest fan ALWAYS – Love Mom!

James Kennedy
We are all so proud of you.
We are looking forward to watching you play your Senior year of football.
Have a great season and year.
Go Chargers!!
Mom, Dad, Jacob, Seth, Adam Trevor

Griffin Kosick
So proud of you every day son.
Love you more than words can say!
Mom & Dad

Kyle Kaatman
We are so proud of you!
Can’t wait to watch you play.
Good Luck, but most of all HAVE FUN!
Papa & Grandma

Chad Fisser
Chad, we have enjoyed being a part of your football for 3 years and we are looking forward to your Senior Year.
Love, Gpa & Gma


Lauryn Atencio
Can’t wait to see what you do this year!
Keep working hard to live up to your dreams
and no one can stop you.
Love you to infinite and beyond!
Mom, Dad, Alyssa, Gasper & David

Charissa Alexis Martinez
Charissa, We are very proud of you and
all your hard work and dedication!
We love you to the moon and back.
Dad, Mom, Chris & Chelsea

Kayli Higginbotham
Kayli – We are very proud of you!
Have a great season as an Edison Songleader!
We love you!
Dad, Mom, Shawn & Amberli

Makena Cain
We are so proud of you!
Have fun this year and enjoy this exciting time!
Go Chargers!
Mom & Dad

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Year 2015

Garrett White

We are so proud of the man you have become.

You have worked very hard to enjoy a successful

senior season. Play hard and have fun!

Love, Mom & Dad


Shane Fullbright

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”

We love you and cannot wait to see what great

things your future holds . . . Keep building!

Love, Mom, Dad, Aly


Bowen Blake

We’re very proud of you and all of your hard work

and dedication. We love you to the moon and back.

Love, Blakes Gang


Michael Saffell

Your family is very proud of your dedication

to your team and your work in the classroom.

Keep working hard. We love you very much.

Dad, Mom, Keegan, and Shelby


Ryan Laughren

We are incredibly proud of the person

you’ve become, on and off the field.

Keep persevering, stay committed, play hard,

and keep chasing your dreams. Go “71!”

Love, Mom & Dad


Jordan Reynolds

I am so proud of the man you have become.

I will always be your #1 fan in everything you do.

I love you, Mom


Garrett Weichman

It’s been great watching the transformation in you these last two years.

Your hard work, perseverance and commitment to football make us proud!

Love, Mom & Dad


Jacob Price

Hard work, dedication and a commitment to being your best has

brought you here. Enjoy your senior season and draw on

these experiences for the next stage of your life.

Love, Mom & Dad


Griffin Leener #9

Thank you for all the incredible football memories

you have given us! We are so proud of your

dedication and leadership. We love you!

Mom, Bob, Dylan and Dad and Michelle


Devon Kooiman

We applaud your efforts. Work hard.

Stay focused and you will do great.

Love, Dad, Mom, and Damon


Sosefo #51

My gentle giant. Make sure you give God the glory.

Play your hardest. We support and love you.

Mum (your biggest fan) and Fam


Ethan Ray Smith

We are proud to have you for our grandson and of your

accomplishments. We hope your future brings only the

best and for all your dreams to come true.

John and Louise Smith


Joseph Gomez

Football is like life. It requires perseverance,

self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication, and

respect for authority. RELEASE THE BEAST.


Your Family


Ethan Smith

We hope you find success through your hard work and

dedication. Have a great senior year! Charger Pride!

Love, Mom and Dad


Cameron Eden

You are coming off of a great freshman season

Now it’s your turn to “beast” it up as you usually do

Remember, play whistle-to-whistle like it’s your last play ever

We know these next three years will be awesome

Mom and Dad love you very much,

Dad, Mom, Carissa and Cade Eden


Patrick Angelovic

Good luck in your freshman year of football.

We’ll be watching and cheering for you.

Grandma & Grandpa A


Kyle Briggs

We’re so excited for you and your friends’ frosh year

of football!!! So proud of all your hard work

getting ready for the season, boys!

Mom, Dad, Taylor & Jordan


Ryan “Cisco” Haley

You have worked incredibly hard to become an awesome freshman

Charger! We’re excited to watch you play and wish you much success on the field!

Dad, Mom, and Chelsea


Luke Hoggard

Go Luke!

Mom, Dad & Sydney


Gabriel Marin

Watching you grow from a boy into a young man,

now a freshman! You make us so proud.

Keep up the good work. Love you!

Mom, Dad, Manny & Emma


Dominic Montesano

We are so proud of you! Go Chargers!

2015 Freshman Chargers

Mom & Dad


Michael Riley

It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether

you get back up! We are proud of you.

You have showed passion and dedication from day one!

Jeffrey & Alicia Riley, Sarah, Taya & Isaiah


Cameron Wood

Cam. Wow. What a guy. I am thrilled you are on the team

this year. You are great!! I’ll be cheering for you.

Grandma Sally


Patrick Angelovic

Looking forward to a great season of watching you

play and keeping up the Angelovic tradition!


Grandma B


Wyatt McElmurray

We’re so proud of all the hard work you’ve put into

preparing for this football season. Keep charging!

Love, Mom & Dad


Matthew McEntee

Finally, pads! I expect a lot from you this year. Keep up

with your grades and you will have an awesome year.

Love you!

Mom & Claudio


Tristan McGuff

We’re all very proud of you! Have an amazing year

playing football for your Edison “Chargers.” God Bless!

Love, Dad, Mom, Tamara and Ashlynn


Lorenzo Quiroz

This is one of many roads you will travel. I’m proud of your hard

work and I know you will do better down the road.

Dad & Angela


Cameron Wood

Your great attitude, determination, and hard work will take

you far. You have always made us proud.

We’re behind you all the way!!

Love you, Mom, Scott & Kelsie, Brian


Parent to Player Dedication 2014

Jeff Evans – Thank you for giving us all of the amazing football memories for all these years. We are so proud of you for the dedication and leadership qualities that you have demonstrated. Have a great season! Love, Dad, Mom, Anthony and Ally


Mitchell Scott – We are very proud of you. You’ve faced struggles and you’ve never given up. Your perseverance is inspirational and we know you will continue to do your best in all things. Good luck in your senior season on the gridiron! Love, Mom & Dad


DREAM BIG! Go EHS Football! Go Andrew Horner! Lots of love, Grandma Sue & Grandpa Jerry


GO CHARGERS! All out. All Game. All Season. Defensive Safety #28 BRYCE EPPERSON Release the Beast!


Shane Davis
I am proud to be your mom! It’s your senior year . . . Make it your best!! Work hard! Play hard!
Go Chargers! Love you,


Mitchell Geringer
To our wild, crazy, athletic, weird, musically talented, hilarious (even when you don’t mean to be), freakishly tall, annoyingly calm, overly easy-going, charismatic, genuine, abnormally philosophical, and unbelievable awesome BROTHER and SON! You are one-of-a-kind and you make us proud every day. Enjoy your senior year and make lots of memories. We love you!
Mom & Corinne


Andrew Horner
We are so proud of who you are, Andrew. Continue to be charming and be a light to those around you.
We love you tons!
Dad, Mom, Christopher and Sarah


Andrew Mooers
We cannot be more proud of you! You have grown into a handsome, caring and loving young man.
Have a great senior year!
Dad & Margie


I’ve enjoyed watching my “Charger” contribute to the rich EHS Varsity Football Legacy. I’m proud of the per-son you’ve become, on and off the field.
Mom <3


Matt Golf
Your perseverance, commitment, drive and extreme hard work is paying off! Keep it up!
Super proud of you!
Mom, Dad & Nicole


We are so proud of you! You have a huge heart and the kindest of souls. We are so blessed to be your parents!
Love you,
Mom & Dad


Shane Davis
We are so proud of you! Have a great senior year!
We support you always!
All our love,
Dean, Buffy, Dallas, Maddox and Alanna


Andrew Horner
Have a fun senior year and a great football season.
Grandpa & Granny Horner


Sharky Reza
Have a fun senior season Shark! Play hard and
enjoy the game. We love you!
Mom, Dad, Megan and Matthew


Jacob Price
Chase it!
Mom and Dad


Franki Ferrini
We’re proud of the young man that you’ve grown up to be. Enjoy your senior year of high school football. We are your biggest fans.
Dad, Mom, Genovi & Matese


Shane Fullbright
“Never say ‘never’ because limits like fears,
are often just an illusion.”
Mom, Dad & Aly


Bryan Wolfgang Kelley
A Charger for eight years from Pop Warner to Edison. You have proved your dedication and mettle as an athlete and a person. With Pride!
Mom & Dad


Joseph Gomez
Believe in yourself. Never quit and you will be a win-ner. Price of victory is high, but so are the rewards. Be a Beast!
Dad, Mom and your sisters


Dylan Alcantra #37
Play hard and smart and enjoy your Sophomore year! GO BIRD, WE LOVE YOU!
Love your biggest fans!
Mom, Dad, Skin and Can


What an amazing son and brother you are! Thank you for all of the football memories: USC v ND @ South Bend (Bush Push game!) Pop Warner, Flag Football and four years of Charger Football! You persevered through some tough challenges and we are so proud of you. Enjoy Hawaii and your senior season!! We will cherish every moment. We love you! Mom, Mike, Ciera & Mich