Fellow Chargers,

2023 brings on new fiscal challenges for our Charger Football program.  The program itself will need to be updated with new training aids and essential safety equipment. Additionally, the costs of supplemental coaching is also a financial responsibility that needs to be addressed moving forward.

Did you know that a standard helmet costs a staggering $500 per player? In 2023 Charger football playing fees will reach almost $2000 per player!

This annual golf tournament will help offset the anticipated costs this season and affords these players the opportunity to succeed in an environment better suited for the winning tradition we are all accustomed to at Edison High School.

All sponsorship proceeds will go directly to the football program, the Sam Fuga Scholarship Award, Donny Whan Friendship and Sportsmanship Award, and help individual players and whatever other costs the program incurs.  We need 100% support from our Alumni, but more importantly, we need 100% support from our amazing Community.  Please help us so we can give these young players the tools to prosper and keep growing this program into the strong traditional winning program it always has been.




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Alumni Golf Tournament
Strawberry Farms


Alumni Golf Tournament
Strawberry Farms



Alumni Golf Tournament
Strawberry Farms