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2016 was Coach White’s 31st year as the Chargers Head Coach and his 38th year with the program when we retired in 2016.  While an Edison student, his athletic achievements were numerous. In 1973 he was named M.V.P. of the baseball and football teams and in 1974 was named Edison’s Athlete of the Year. Dave also earned three Varsity letters his senior year in football, basketball and baseball. The winning continued at Orange Coast College as Dave quarterbacked the 1975 National Championship Team. He concluded his playing career at Oregon State University earning a degree in Physical Education. Two years later Dave received his Special Education Degree from Azuza Pacific University. Coach White returned to Edison in 1979 as the head freshman football coach, head girls’ junior varsity basketball coach and head freshman baseball coach. He then spent six years as assistant coach to Bill Workman. Coach White has coached many talented QBs including Mike Henderson, Mike Angelovic, Greg Angelovic, Donnie Smith, Josh Gingrich, John Khamis, Todd Belitz, Pat Markowski, Jeff Grady, Jason Kripavicius, Richard Schwartz, Tommy Grady, Brian Shrock, Nick Crissman, Matt Viles, Chase Favreau and Alek Torgersen. Dave has led the program to twelve league championships, having won the last eight out of ten. The Chargers have been to the C.I.F. Finals four times this decade. The 2009 team went 13 and 1, which is the best record since the 1980 team that went 14 and 0. The 2012 team won the C.I.F. Championship with a record of 13 and 2. Last year’s team finished 7 and 4. Coach White’s overall record is 218 wins, 113 losses and 3 ties.

The Orange County All-Star Football Game has been a source of pride for the White family. Dave ‘74, Matt ‘04 and Hunter ‘07 all played in the game. Dave has also coached the South Team in 1990 and 2001. He also distinguished himself by coaching the 1987 girl’s basketball team to the C.I.F. Championship with a record of 31 and 2. In 1992 Dave coached Shelley Taylor to a State Track Championship in the mile.

Coach White and his wife Lytie live in Newport Coast. They have three sons. Matt, 30, coaches high school football in Boise. Hunter, 27, lives and works in Newport Beach, Garrett, 19, has recently started school at Yale.

Feel free to leave Coach White a nice comment. He would love to read these. You could be a former player, coach, rival, parent, friend, or simply a family member PLUS others who were touched by Coach White’s coaching or friendship.


  1. Todd Smyser says

    Coach White congrats on a great career!

  2. Elyse Homberger says

    Coach White…..where do I ever begin. My running career, strength as a human being and passion for life was truly sealed under your coaching. The mental strength you trained me to have with all the letters and cards before races I will never forget. The hours of pre- race chats, practice and visualizing have made me the person I am today. Your coaching is like nothing I have ever experienced or witnessed to this day, you changed and shaped my life. I cannot thank you enough for being my coach, mentor and friend. May this next chapter in life for you and your family be nothing but wonderful.

  3. Mark Sosebee says

    Coach White I would like to thank you for all you have done for Edison, as well as your efforts with my son. He had chances to attend many high schools, but chose to attend Edison to play football. Truthfully he went there for your success in that area. Imagine his surprise to find out that as good as coach as you are you are a much better person.Teaching him to be a better son, brother and man is a lesson he continues in college. Again this is something for which you are directly responsible. Enjoy your new found time off and now you don’t have to ride the red eyes back east. For Boomer :Proud to be a Charger!”

  4. Bill and Lorie Hoggard says

    Coach White,
    Thank you so much for all you have done for our son and all of the players whose lives you have touched over the past three decades. You have taught them a lot about football and, at the same time, mentored and coached them to bring 110% of their best effort to every part of their life. You are a model of perseverance, dedication, and integrity and we thank you for giving countless hours to coach and teach our boys. The lessons you have taught them in football and life will serve them for a lifetime. We hope you enjoy every moment of retirement. You deserve it!

  5. Chuck Seiter says

    Dave, 31 years as a Coach for Edison Chargers. I’ve followed you and the team for these past 31 online. I feel that you have done a Splendid job working with all these players during all that time. Also, getting these players this year into the running for CIF Championship playoffs, and winning the Championship. It is like revisiting the 1971 CIF Championship game with Lompoc. You , Rocky, Bob Graves, Jerry Hinijosa, and the rest of the team were very dedicated, and you have been a very dedicated Coach to the Chargers for these 31 years. Congrats to your upcoming retirement. Chuck Seiter. Fellow Class of 72.

  6. Gina Lems-tardif says

    Hi Dave,
    It’s been great watching you coach for the last three decades. I sat in the stands after high school with my husband and infant son, I sat in the stands when my son went to Edison and occasionally my husband and I catch a Fountain Valley game or a Los Al game (since I teach in Los Al). Most recently we watched the CIF game on tv. You have grown so much as a coach and I have been proud to call you a classmate. Go class of ’74! Enjoy watching your sons. We will miss you at the helm of my Alma mater

  7. DeeAndra McGuff says

    Congratulations Coach White on an amazing season. You are definitely leaving a legancy here at Edison. Thank you for all your dedication, time and love for the sport. It was a honor for our son Tristan to have been coached by you. Take care and may God Bless you and your family. The McGuff’s

  8. Greg Angelovic says

    Coach White,

    Thank you so much for all you have given to this program, your players and the community. I have personally grown and benefited from the lessons and love you have taught and shown us. What an incredible legacy you have left with this school and community, you should be very proud. It was an honor to play for you and to call you coach and friend. Enjoy your family and retirement.

  9. Jeff Buckingham says

    Coach, where do I start. You are a huge reason why so many of us players have become the men we are today. Your relentless expectation that we give 100% every day, that we play and live with class and honor, and that we serve each other and represent our program, school, and community every day set the foundations in our lives. Many times as an adult I could think back to the lessons about life I learned on the field and in the weight room from you. I wish every young man could have experienced playing for you. We’d live in a better world for sure! It’s also been so cool having my girls at Edison for your final seasons so they could see and experience your legacy too. Running into you (pretty often), I’ve been struck at how you know my daughter Lauren and ask about her tennis and how she’s doing. Katie was also stoked you chaperoned her trip to New York with MUN. You are the face of Edison High School and a legend, coach. Thank you for the lessons about life, making us dig down deep to succeed and for believing in all of us. Congrats and God Bless!
    Buck – 1990

  10. Greg St.Claire says

    Congratulations on a wonderful career. I will always remember the 4 years I spent in the Charger football program as ones that shaped who I am now as a person. I can never thank you enough for the discipline and strong work ethic you instilled in me any many others. Enjoy your well earned retirement.

    Proud to be a Charger!!!

  11. Coach White, you have no idea how many people are going to miss you patrolling the sideline. Best wishes on the next chapter of your life.

  12. Kari Robert says

    You taught me so much in my last two years of high school when i had the honor of working alongside you as one of the student athletic trainers. When i messed up, you gave me the opportunity to truly grow from my mistakes and you gave me a chance to start over. I am the woman that i am growing to be because of the morals and ethics that you (and Holli) implemented and lived out as amazing role models to me, and everyone around you!! You make each and every one of us Proud to be a Charger!!! happy retirement coach white!!

  13. D Rodriguez (ERods dad) says

    My son is a freshman, his PE teacher is Coach White. About a week or so after school started this year, we received a postcard from Edison High School. It was a handwritten message from his PE teacher Mr. Dave White. It stated how much he appreciated my son’s hard work he was showing during PE. I thought it was really nice a teacher went out of his/her way to send something like this with their busy schedule. But the teacher had the same name as the legendary head football coach Dave White from Edison. I know who Coach White is from the man accolades he has received in the past, but this can’t be the same man, can he? Open house was about a week away…I would find out then, I thought. My wife and I went to the Edison open house, and our first class was PE. We walked in the gym, and I couldn’t believe it was the Legend Coach White! I went and introduced myself as my son’s dad, and to my shock, he gave me a friendly, firm friendly handshake and said he knew who I was. What…huh…how?? I was floored! I never asked him how he knew who I was, I was just so in aww so I just played it cool. My wife didn’t even know who he was until she started going to the playoff games with my son and I and after we started schooling her on the Legend Coach White is. Oh, and that last game…it was so exciting, we simply just ran out time. One more minute and we go to state. We were the better team, I still believe that! Anyways, we still have that postcard on our fridge. Coach White, you are a true gentleman and an even better person. We simply thank you for being you.

  14. Clayton slieff says

    Awesome finish to your final season coach. Thanks for all the great memories of playing football for you. Two a days Late practices Saturday films all good memories. “Everyday and Everyway we get a little better!”
    Thanks again coach white

  15. Mark Kolinchak says

    Coach White-Im the man I am today, and the father to my children because I had men like yourself and Coach Workman shape my mind as a young man, and lay the foundation to understanding the meaning of success. The value of a team, brotherhood, mental toughness, hard work, tradition and pride in something that makes a difference. I have the honor of knowing many of this years team. My own son Mason started his football life with them in pop warner. And i also was able to coach them, and give back to the great game the many lessons that you taught me as a young CHARGER myself. I stood on the sidelines at the La Mirada game. It was a special night for me personally as you lead them to victory and the CIF finals. I remember like yesterday when Matt Died. I remember when your first son was born and named Matt. You are special person Dave White. I am proud to be a Charger.. Everyday and every way we get a little better. Thank you, Mark Kolinchak

  16. Tommy Leach says

    Coach, How blessed was I to have had the opportunity to Coach with you. You taught me sooo much about the game, how to treat players, how to treat parents, and how to treat supporters. You taught me about real passion for the game, real passion for family, and real passion for your school.. I was sooo blessed to witness greatness in every way.. When Coaching I always catch myself asking what would Coach White do? I have a son now and I will find myself while raising him ask ,what would Coach White Do? Coach, I thank you for everything and wish you nothing but happiness. Enjoy your retirement Coach.. Much Love and Respect to you Coach.

  17. Matter Seybert says

    Coach, thank for what you have done for my family and myself . You and the program have made me what I’m today and what to teach my boys to be. Thank You….
    Proud to be a Charger!!!!!

  18. Abel Cardona says

    Hey Coach, I want to congratulate you on an amazing career at Edison. It was an honor to play for you. You impacted my life with football and through life with so much wisdom and encouragement. You were a second dad to me. To instill in each player that we matter in this world and that we can make a impact in other people lives is what you have done for us. To be a great son, father, husband, and mentor are things that we could never get from another program here in Orange County or even the country. I remember you pushing my buttons in practice because you knew I could better and it has helped me so much in my life. To never give up when life is hard, to help others when they are in need, to give everything I do in life 100% effort. I love you coach and Edison will never have another Dave White. You are a badass and I would give anything to play for you one more season. Enjoy your retirement and good luck and whatever else you pursue.

  19. Thomas, Carly and Luke Marcin says

    Coach White,
    Congratulations on a great career! It was an honor play for you and to apart of your coaching legacy. Carly and I wish you the very best in the future and enjoy retirement!

  20. Bethany (Nickless) Blomquist says

    As a Baron, it is very hard for me to cheer for the Chargers…but with you at the helm I was always a fan! Congrats on an amazing career!

  21. Coach White…the first day you allowed me to share the sidelines with you was such an honor. You showed me at 17…and as female student athletic trainer…I belonged on the field with you all. You screamed at me on my first day when a player went down on the opposite team…and asked me why I didn’t run out to help. From that moment on, I learned to care for anyone REGARDLESS of what team they played for. I want to thank you for all that you have taught me while on those sidelines. It is because of you that pushed me to become who I am today and continue my pursuit of greatness. I am now a sports medicine doctor because you had faith in me and also always showed me to be very strong, to grow a thick skin, and to prove to anyone that I always belonged. Congrats on your beautiful season. I am proud to be a Charger. YOU ARE A LEGEND and you had a great impact on me and countless others in this HB community. Love you Coach.

  22. James Sanford Servite '86 says

    Nothing but respect for you Coach White. My Servite High School football career ended on a field against your Chargers. Thankful to go on and play with a few good men from Edison that all spoke highly of you as their coach.

  23. Tim and Pam O'Connor says

    Thank you for always going above and beyond! Your dedication to this team and Edison High School has made an impression on everyone who knows you. We know you will always bleed green and gold! Enjoy your retirement!!

  24. Jeff Aselin says

    Wow. What a great team this year, phenomenal legacy you created and honor it was to have played for you Coach. Congratulations on everything over the past 40yrs. Most importantly, thank you from all of us players and families for all you sacrificed and gave to us. Incredible. Your impact on all of us and this community is immeasurable. Wow. Thank you so very much, we appreciate you forever and good luck in your next phase (GO YALE too!!)!!
    Jeff Aselin ’90

  25. Dave,

    You got the best out of your players year after year. Not only teaching them how to be great teammates, but more importantly good men. Your record on the field speaks for itself. Your record in the post high school lives of over 3 decades of men and familes is immeasurable. Thank you.

  26. Holli Jackson says

    Last night brought me to tears not only for seeing the boys hurt but for knowing that was the last game that I would share a sideline with Coach White. I have grown up knowing him as Edison’s football Coach, but working alongside him for 8 years I look up to him like a Father. He is not only a Father to his 3 boys but to each and every player that has ever set foot on his field. I am going to miss his pre and post game speeches, the laughs, the tears but overall I truly appreciate his continued support of the Athletic Training program at Edison. He always displayed the utmost respect for my family and me, as well as for my Student Athletic Trainers. I know he will be back to watch the games but Edison Football just won’t be the same anymore without him in charge. He is leaving behind young players with great talent and an Athletic Training Staff that will miss him dearly. Enjoy your retirement Coach. We love you and are Proud to Be a Charger!

  27. Hard to believe it’s been that long since we played on the same field! Great year; excellent last game win or lose. San Clemente has a good quarterback.
    I played defensive end in 76′

  28. Long time coach says

    All class. Win or lose.

  29. Zena Walker says

    Coach White,

    Thank you for setting an example for 31 years of what a great coach looks like. You will be missed but never forgotten. Best wishes to you on your retirement

  30. Dave, I’ve always been proud to call you my brother but after watching so many of the games you have coached at Edison I’m immensely proud of all you have done for the school and all the young lives you have touched in so many ways!!! Love you, Sis

  31. Thank you for everything you have instilled me, hard work, compassion, and character! I am honored to have played for you! #ProudtobeaCharger

  32. Jill Gandara Sagers says

    Some of my best memories as a kid was coming to your games Uncle Dave!!! I’m so proud to call you family!! I wish I could have seen one more game!! We love you so much!!

    Jill, Geoff, Brooklyn and Madison

  33. Kari Atencio says

    Tears in my eyes right now not for the loss, they left it all on the field, but at the thought of not seeing this guy on the sidelines. His example of integrity, commitment and leadership is one my son and all the boys will take with them for the rest of their lives. Happy retirement Coach White, the Atencio’s love you!!

  34. Coach White,

    Thank you for coaching all these years, you’re an inspiration to us all. You were a true influence, this year, on my son Cameron Eden. He always would come home saying “we’re going to win the game simply due to Dave’s game plan alone”. Thanks for stepping up all these years at Edison, you’re a true Charger! You have steered so m any young athletes in the right direction. Hope your retirement is a fulfilling as all your WINS as Coach!

  35. Coach white it was a honor to be on your team in 87! Thanks for being such a great coach to all of us

  36. Hi Coach! Thank you for everything you have done for Edison! Great Coach!

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