yellow-rt-edisonspeed-flexThe Huntington Beach Union High School Board of Trustees officially dedicated Edison High School in early 1969. Edison High School, three blocks from the Pacific Ocean was designed to serve the fast growing population of Huntington Beach. The name of the school was a result of a contest that almost resulted in the newly constructed educational facility being named Robert F Kennedy High School. However, since the Southern California Edison Company donated much of the land the school was built on, the final decision was to go with Edison High School.

The first choice for school colors were cardinal and gold with nickname the Spartans; but first year coach Bill Vail was inspired by a man named Vince Lombardi and wanted his team decked out in uniforms styled after the Green Bay Packers. He got his wish. The colors were changed to Green and Gold and the name became the Chargers.

The Chargers first year practices were held at a neighborhood elementary school. The players dressed in the home education department and there were no showers during “two-a-days” and into the season. The weight program was built around the use of old pipes and five gallon cans filled with cement. They were the Chargers, but it was truly a Spartan program. The hard work of those early teams quickly paid off with a League Championship & CIF Championship in 1970, just the second year of The Edison Football program, laying the foundation for the proud Charger Tradition we know today.