2017 Incoming Freshman!

March 22, 2017

Keep and eye on this page as events are unfolding that may cause some of the below info to be invalid!  We will update it very soon.

The Edison High School Charger Football coaches, teachers, alumni, and booster club would like to formally welcome you to Edison High School Freshman Football. Edison Charger Football recognizes that our Freshman Football Team is extremely important to the viability of the EHS football program.  The EHS freshman coaches are very experienced and have over 2 decades of coaching experience They have been very successful in winning many consecutive Sunset League Titles.  Freshman football, at Edison High School, introduces student-athletes to the school and the EHS football program.  Traditionally, the EHS freshman football team ends up with a mix of student-athletes who are playing organized football for the first time to some experienced/semi-experienced players.  If you are considering playing freshman football, keep in mind, that as a player, you will need a full commitment to the team and to your academics.

Below is some basic info that may benefit your incoming Freshman for the next season:

Basic Timeline from Freshman Football:

  • INITIAL MANDATORY MEETING: Around the 1st or 2nd week of May, there is usually a MANDATORY MEETING for all freshman football players and parents.  (See our calendar for exact dates and times)
  • INTRODUCTION TO STRENGTH TRAINING: Somewhere around  the 3rd week of May, all incoming freshman football players will asked to come to the Edison weight room to begin to learn how to get stronger through weight lifting.  Of course, these meetings will happen after school 3 times/week. Usually Monday-Wed-Friday.  (See our calendar for exact dates and times). We are asking for donations of $5/day for this training.
  • FRESHMAN FOOTBALL SUMMER CAMP: This MANDATORY CAMP usually starts in the last week of June each year and lasts about 3 weeks. this camp has an associated cost of around $500 or so. Check the calendar.

Freshman Football Checklist

In case you weren’t able to attend the Freshman Parent meeting, here is a checklist of things you’ll need on or before the first day of camp in order to participate.
  1. School Physical form completed and signed by a medical doctor. Unfortunately, no chiropractors, nurse practitioners or other health care provider will be accepted.
  2. Summer Camp Emergency Form
  3. Player/Parent Contact Info Card
  4. Camp Payment of (usually around $500) made payable to EHS Football. You can pay online here.
  5. The first day of freshman camp usually starts last Monday of June (see calendar for exact date)

Playing on the Freshman Football team is a excellent opportunity:

  • to get in great shape!
  • to show off your football experience!
  • to learn football skills/techniques as well as what it means to play for Edison High School!
  • to build the Edison football camaraderie with already existing football friends plus make new ones as well!
  • to meet new classmates and develop friendships before the first day of classes!
  • to learn the basics of strength weight lifting in the EHS state of the art weight room!

Freshman Football F.A.Q.

Q: When are the tryouts?

A: No tryouts! Everyone makes the team and nobody is cut!

Q: How long and how often are practices?

A: During the school year, the team practices every week day (unless there is a game) from about 1:30pm -5pm (give or take an hour either way)

Q: How does he coaching staff decide on an “A” and “B” teams?

A: Depending on the number of players who come out, there may be 2 teams. An “A” team and a “B” team.

Q: If there is two teams (A&B) do they practice separately?

A: Every player on the freshman team practices together, even if there are two teams (A&B)

FACTOID: Sometimes, the “B” team may play in a 5th quarter instead of a full game on Fridays

Freshman Game Schedule 2017

(coming soon)