The Edison Chargers take the game 2 win defeating Tesoro Titans 31-14.



Players of the week vs. Tesoro coming soon.


From Dave White
I want to welcome everyone to the 2016 Season. As we begin preparing, there are two priorities I would like to stress. I want to highlight the importance of our players taking care of their work in the classroom. This is my top priority each year. As parents, I need you to be actively involved in making sure your players are on top of their assignments and performing well each week. I need our players to realize that football is temporary, but the skills they learn in the classroom will last a lifetime. There are many resources here at Edison HS which can provide assistance to those players needing additional help with their studies. So, there is no excuse for not accomplishing this goal.Secondarily, I need each player to give 100% to their efforts on the field and in the weight room. This means giving up personal time because the TEAM needs them to to become stronger, faster, and more skilled on the field. We dedicate our efforts to the TEAM. It is also important to note that we represent the TEAM all of the time, on the field and while in the community. The way we behave represents the entire Edison High School community. So, it is up to each of us to uphold the great reputation of the Edison Chargers. It is a privilege and, now, your responsibility.I look forward to watching each player accomplish these two priorities which will lead us to a successful 2016.